Finish every meal perfectly with our luscious premium desserts. Made in California, presentation, texture, and taste are first class. Our encompassing collection of fine quality desserts is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Gluten Free Quinoa Vanilla Honey Waffles1

Gluten-Free Quinoa Vanilla Honey Waffles

A golden light aromatic waffle, consisting of a delicious gluten-free quinoa flour blend, accented with the subtle flavors of white clover honey and vanilla bean.


Briques: Opera

Coffee soaked biscuit, chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream, chocolate ganache glaze. Size: 4" x 12"

BriqueRaspberry Pistachio

Briques: Raspberry Pistachio – NEW RECIPE

Rich raspberry mousse, pistachio sponge, raspberry glaze Size: 4" x 12"

BriqueLemon L

Briques: Lemon Curd

Crispy pate sucree, lemon curd. Size: 4" x 12"

BriqueChocolate Hazelnut Crunch

Briques: Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch

Chocolate hazelnut crisp, chocolate mousse, white and dark chocolate ganache deco Size: 4" x 12"

MINICAKES Warm Chocolate Cake

Warm Chocolate Cake

Moist chocolate cake with natural orange flavor, warm liquid ganache. Microwave directly from freezer. Size: Dome shaped 3" D x 1.5" H

MINICAKES Chocolate Trilogy

Chocolate Trilogy

White, milk and dark chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge, dark chocolate shavings, powdered sugar. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)

MINICAKES Key Lime Calypso

Key Lime Calypso

Key lime mousse, vanilla sponge with chocolate chips, chocolate weave texture, white and dark chocolate diamond. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)

MINICAKES Raspberry Miroir

Raspberry Miroir

Raspberry mousse, pink and white striped biscuit, raspberry glaze, striped chocolate square. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion) Pack: 24

MINICAKES Raspberry Mont Blanc

Raspberry Mont Blanc

White chocolate mousse, kirsh-soaked raspberries, vanilla sponge, white and red marble pyramid shell. Size: Pyramid 3" x 3" x 2.5" (individual portion) Pack: 36



Mango/passionfruit mousse, coconut mousse, vanilla sponge, dark chocolate stripes, cape gooseberry (physalis). Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)



Chocolate/vanilla ladyfingers soaked in coffee and cognac, fresh Mascarpone cheese, chocolate wrap, cacao powder, white chocolate honeycomb morsel. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)

MINICAKES Marquise Au Chocolat

Marquise au Chocolat

Chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge, baked hazelnuts, chocolate leaf. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)

MINICAKES Lemon Chantilly

Lemon Chantilly

Lemon cream, vanilla sponge, shredded coconut, nutty chocolate morsel. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)

MINICAKES Cappuccino


Coffee mousse, chocolate ganache, striped Joconde biscuit, coffee glaze, mocha bean. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion)

MINICAKES White Passion

White Passion

White chocolate and passionfruit mousse, pistachio sponge, white chocolate token. Size: Round 2.5" (individual portion) Pack: 24

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